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Future Models

With a passion for timeless design, big water performance, quality, functionality and durability, we have been focused on moving the Limestone® brand forward, while building on the heritage that is Limestone® Boats.

We began with the L-200CC Center Console and the L-200R Runabout because we knew the revitalization of these 20-footers should be at the top of our list. These two models were designed with the everyday, experienced boater in mind, offering an array of standard features and upgradable options that enrich a boater’s quality of life and will endure for generations to come.

We are now focused on bringing our Dual Console series to life, allowing for a variety for all boaters within our model lineup.

We look forward to more exciting models to come within our 25’-30’ model range and we look forward to continuously bringing the heritage of the Limestone® brand forward.

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